Sekiya Dorsett

Director, Writer, Producer, Editor

Take a peak inside the world of Sekiya Dorsett, a writer, producer, editor and director from the Bahamas. 

I make stuff look good.


Born in Nassau, Bahamas, Sekiya Dorsett is a queer filmmaker giving voice to issues of equality. In 2008, her first film, Wisdom and Understanding, a short experimental film, made its debut at NewFest Film Festival and the Oakland Black LGBT Festival. In 2009, her short, Sisters, a story about a lesbian woman struggling to reconcile with her mother, was screened at the Austin LGBT Film Festival.

By day she is a Writer/Producer/Editor, where she has created work for LOGO TV, USA Network, Cloo and Oxygen Network.

Sekiya has the gift of inspired artistry in her storytelling, and is always a cheerful collaborator. Smart and always hard-working, every day you work with Sekiya is a little brighter just because she’s part of it.
— Patrick Trettnero, VP Creative, USA Brandworks, USA Network at NBCUniversal, Inc.