Sekiya Dorsett

Director, Writer, Producer, Editor

Take a peak inside the world of Sekiya Dorsett, a writer, producer, editor and director from the Bahamas. 

I make stuff look good.


Born in Nassau, Bahamas, Sekiya Dorsett is a filmmaker giving voice to issues of equality. In 2008, her first film, Wisdom and Understanding, a short experimental film, made its debut at NewFest Film Festival and the Oakland Black LGBT Festival. For over 10 years she worked on some of the top marketing campaigns for USA Network, BET, Oxygen Network and VH1. Her first feature documentary The Revival Women and Word has played at Athena Film Festival, Frameline, Urbanworld and New Fest Film festival. It finished it run with a screening at the Brooklyn Museum last June and it is distributed by Women Make Movies. Sekiya continues to push the boundaries in telling queer stories. Her latest work, Motherstruck!, based on the play by Staceyann Chin, which she produced for Some Spider Studios, screened at Tribeca Film Festival 2019. She has just finished the four part documentary series, Stonewall 50 : The Revolution, which she produced and edited for Nightly Films and NBC Out, is currently available online at Her work has appeared on Refinery29, Buzzfeed, Essence Magazine

Sekiya has the gift of inspired artistry in her storytelling, and is always a cheerful collaborator. Smart and always hard-working, every day you work with Sekiya is a little brighter just because she’s part of it.
— Patrick Trettnero, VP Creative, USA Brandworks, USA Network at NBCUniversal, Inc.